Sunday, November 25, 2001


Amar is a beauty singer from Lebanon. She was the wife of the singer Adam.
Amar has a lot of common with Lebanese famous singer, Haifa Wehbe, behind singing in the same professional manner, she looks almost exactly as Haifa but younger.

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Lebanese Representatives in International Pageant

Saturday, November 24, 2001

Miss Lebanon 2001

Christina Sawaya Miss Lebanon 2001

Christina Sawaya (Arabic; كريستين صوايا), born 16 August 1980, best known as Miss Lebanon in 2001
As part of her modelling career, Christina entered a series of pageants between 1998 and 2002 in which she became the winner of "Miss University" Lebanon in 1998, and was chosen as "Top Lebanon Model 1999".

In 2001, Sawaya competed with 19 women to become Miss Lebanon 2001, where she also became eligible to enter in the Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International pageants.

Miss Lebanon 2001 Winner: Christina Sawaya
First Runner up: Bethany Kehdi
second runner up: Nisrine Azzi

Christina Sawaya, Miss Lebanon 2001, surrounded by Bethany Kehdy and  Nisreen Azizi, first and second runner-ups to the queen

Suspense at Miss Lebanon Pageant 2001 runs right to the end Winning contestant displayed not only beauty but soul, strong nerves and intelligence

Elizabeth Abi Khalil
Special thanks to The Daily Star
Lebanon is a country where beauty is observed not only physically, but also within the soul. Twenty women aged between 18 and 24 and hailing from all parts of Lebanon participated in the annual Miss Lebanon Pageant 2001 Friday. Numerous political and media figures attended the event, which was organized by producers Starwave and broadcast live by LBCI, from the Salle des Ambassadeurs at Casino du Liban. Even before the evening got under way, guests were examining the brochure displaying the competitors and speculating about who the next Miss Lebanon might be. Tourism Minister Karam Karam said that “the story of Lebanon is with beauty … as ancient as its history.”

Miss Lebanon 2000 Sandra Rizk made a spectacular entrance onto the stage. “I entered society to deal with the young and the elderly, and it was an amazing experience,” said Rizk. “My life changed through the past year and it was great to be able to participate in such an event,” she added. Hostess for the evening, Miss Lebanon 1995 Dina Azar, was as usual shining with beauty and glamor. “As you know the decision will be very difficult, for they are all beautiful,” said Azar. Introduced by Azar, the contestants gave an amazing display, parading elegantly in bathing suits and evening wear. After the contestants paraded, a 10-member jury consisting of Mona Fares, Sheikh Nassib Gemayel, Souad al-Achi, Markram Abi Fadel, Julia Boutros, Yahya al-Bishri, Carla Yardemian, Anachar Basbous, Raoul Verney and Wajih Nahle narrowed the contestants down to 10. 
After responding to randomly selected questions from the jury members, the participants were whittled down to five:  Jeanne d’Arc Sakr, Mireille Ziade, Nisrine Azizi, Bethany Kehdy and Christina Sawaya. Suspense filled the room. The final decision was only moments away. Azar asked each of the five contestants a final question and each answered in her own way, displaying nervousness. In the end, Christina Sawaya, 21, from Dhour Choueir with a BS in business from the Lebanese American University, answered with the most confidence and was crowned Miss Lebanon 2001 by last year’s winner, Sandra Rizk. The first runner-up was Bethany Kehdy, 20, from Baskinta, while second runner-up went to 18-year-old Nisrine Azizi from Zghorta. Justine Daoud, Cynthia Kiame and Mireille Ziade were respectively selected Miss Personality, Miss Elegance and Miss Photogenic.

Saturday, May 5, 2001

Miss Lebanon 1997 Joelle Behlouk جويل بحلق

 Joelle Behlok جويل بحلق Biography

Stunning Joelle Behlo جويل بحلق (Joelle Bohloo, Joelle behlok) is a Lebanese actress, presenter, famous model and also known as Miss Lebanon 1997 title holder, she was born in Beirut 1979. She is considered as one of the most beautiful Miss Lebanon. She was crowned as Miss Lebanon 1997 and represented Lebanon in Miss World 1997, her beauty attracted Miss World's judges and she was placed among the top 10 semifinalist in Miss World 1997 pageant.

جويل بحلق Joelle Behlou appeared in many advertisements, she also hosted a TV program about fashion called "Style with Joelle" on MBC channels. Joelle also played in a Drama TV series (2002) "The Last Cavalier" where she played the lead female role, acted as Princess Shaima.

جويل بحلق Joelle Behlok recently married a Syrian businessman named Mr. Nader.

Source: wikipedia

Friday, May 4, 2001

Miss Lebanon 1998 - Clemence Ashkar كليمانس أشقر

كليمانس أشقر  Beautiful green eyed Clemance achkar was crowned as Miss Lebanon 1998 winner among 23 contestants. She was crowned by former Miss Lebanon title holder Joelle Behlock and received prizes worth more than 100,000 US dollars. This beautiful 18 years old girl is Sociology and Public Relations student. The event was broadcasted live by LBC and attended by Tourism Minister Nicola Fattoush.

the complete result of Miss Lebanon 1998 beauty pageant is:
Winner - Clemence Achkar
First runner up - Katia Kehdy
Second runner up Joelle Khodor

- Miss Photogenic - Shireen Najjar
- Miss Elegance - Reine Sabty.
- Miss Socialibility - Joelle Rahme

Being Miss Lebanon beauty pageant title holder, Clemence Achkar has projects to campaign for reforestation for keeping Lebanon Green.She spoke to the reporters during her first press conference four days after her coronation as Miss Lebanon 1998. Clemence Achkar plans to visit Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri, Environment Minister Akram Shhayyeb, and Tourism Minister Nicola Fattoush to brief them on her environmental concerns. She said she would also work on number of cultural and human issues in Lebanon.

Clemence Ashkar picture gallery: