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Gabrielle Bou Rached

 Miss Lebanon 2005
Gabrielle Bou Rached, is a Lebanese Beauty from Jezzine who was born 13th December 1985. Her father is Sameeh Bou Rached and mother is Rajaa Bou Rached,(her mother is from Bteghrine), she has a beautiful sister named Nicole Bou Rached who is also known as a model. Gabrielle Bou Rached is a former Miss Lebanon, she won Miss Lebanon title holder in the year 2005. Gabrielle Bou Rached is also known as model and actress. Her acting career started in the year 2004 when she played as Yasmin in FALAFEL, a movie directed by Michael Kammoun. Before participating Miss Lebanon competition, Gabrielle Bou Rached has modeled several video clips for famous Arab singers, commercials and fashion shows. Miss Lebanon beauty pageant was not her first beauty pageant she participated.

February 2004, Gabrielle was crowned as Miss ETIB at The School of Translation and Interpretation in USJ University Beirut.
May 2005, Gabrielle was crowned Miss Campus of USJ University Beirut. Later that year, she represented her country in Miss Asia Pageant where she won the Miss Intellect Award and placed 2nd in theBest National Costume Award. She also made the top 8 in the pageant, the only Miss Lebanon to do so.
10 December 2005 (3 days before her birthday), she crowned as Miss Lebanon 2005-2006.

Her winning was based on the Final Interview when she spoke about her father, Sameeh, who died in the Lebanese Civil War. Her courage to talk about her feelings had a big influence on her winning as well as her intelligence and self-confidence.
May 2006, Gabrielle participated in the Miss Universe 2006 pageant, held in Los Angeles, California. Gabrielle is the first Miss Asia contestant to compete at Miss Lebanon and win.
*  Name: *     Gabrielle Bou Rached    
*  Age: *     20
*  Title: *     Miss Lebanon
*  Height: *     176 cm
*  Occupation: *     Student in Translation (graduating in June 2006)
* Weight:  *     56 kg
*  Interests: *     reading, writing poetry, playing music, painting,
dancing, learning new languages, riding horses, athletics

Gabrielle Bou Rached studied translation with a Masters Degree in Interpretation and speaks four languages, Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.

Bou Rached got married in October 11th 2009 to Sami Assaf in a Christian ceremony in Bkerke, Lebanon. She spent her honeymoon in both Paris and Madrid.
Currently she's living with her husband in Abu Dhabi both working together for the UAE government.
On February 23rd 2011, Gabrielle and Sami's first baby was born, a healthy baby boy called Robin.

Miss Lebanon 2008

Rosarita Tawil Won Miss Lebanon Pageant 2008!!!

Rosarita Tawil was elected as Miss Lebanon 2008 after she defeated 17 other contestants!!! The beautiful girl who was born 1987, crowned by former Miss Lebanon Nadine Njeim after passed several jugdement process including night gowns, bathing suit and answering some critical questions. 20 years old Rosarita Tawil, currently study as Business Administration student in AUB, she loves swimming, reading and travelling. Rosarita Tawil will represent Lebanon in Miss World 2008 and possibly Miss Universe 2009.

Complete Results:

  • 1st runner-up: Stephanie Salem

  • 2nd runner-up: Michella Haddad

  • Rest of the Top 6:

  • Stephanie Khattar

  • Abir Habchy

  • Eliana Atallah

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    Whatsup Beauty - Rosarita Tawil

    Rosarita Tawil is a Miss Lebanon title holder, she was defeated 18 contestants from across Lebanon and crowned as Miss Lebanon 2008 on friday 12th July 2006 by Nadine Njeim Miss Lebanon 2007. Rosarita Tawil who was born in the year 1987, studies Business Administration in American University of Beirut. Being Miss Lebanon 2008, Rosarita has the right to represent Lebanon in Miss World 2008. This beautiful girl is 178cm and 58 kg, her hobbies are reading, swimming and travel.

    Rosarita has ambition to become a retired woman in society and to represent Lebanon in honorable way. Representing Lebanon through beauty pageant competition has left most beautiful memories for her. Rosarita Tawil specified her dream man as a tall dark eyed man who is sensitive, decent loyal and sincere. Rosarita thanks to God for every blessing and she hates deceit selfish person. Her favorite colors are black, white and red. She also favorited Italy as beautiful country of tourism. Her views about fashion lines is fashion that showed women in nice and tidy shape, proportionate and appropriate formality.

    What these words mean to Rosarita Tawil (One word or short phrase)
    - Beauty: Nima
    - Finance: means
    - Fame: a double-edged sword
    - Victory: pride
    - Loss: the experience
    - Jewelry: richer
    - Television: globalization.
    - Time: gold
    - Science: Force
    - Travel: discovery
    - Childhood: innocence
    - Family: bill
    - Marriage: Love

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    Christina Sawaya Wedding

    Christina Sawaya - Tony Baroud wedding
    Newly Wed