Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dominique Hourani, biography: career, life and rumours of divorcing

Lebanese beauties Dominique Youssef Hourani دومينيك حوراني   who was born August 7, 1985, is the daughter of Lebanese historian, renowned archaeologist and writer who wrote more than 20 books Dr. Youssef Hourani and the wife of Austrian naturalized Iranian businessman Ali Reza Almassi. Dominique Hourani is a Lebanese singer actress, model and designer, she was also an international beauty pageant title holder when she won the 32nd Miss Intercontinental pageant which was held in Germany on July 2, 2003 as Miss Intercontinental 2003. Dominique Hourany is not only beautiful but she is well educated with her Masters Degree in Business Administration from the Lebanese American university along with two other degrees in psychology and accounting. 


Dominique Hourany married to Ali Reza Almassi in November 2007. She was wearing a beautiful wedding dress designed by Christian Dior, in a small but classy ceremony on 11/11/2007 at 11:11am in the city of Vienna. Dominique Hourany had a small wedding not because she cannot afford a big wedding but because she was thinking the poor people in the world and the people who cannot even afford to do a small wedding party, it is showing that Dominique Hourany is a humble and down to earth person.
Dominique Hourany and her husband Ali Reza Almassi
From her marriage, Dominique Hourani is blessed with a baby girl named Delmara Sue Almassi and she wished to give birth baby boy in the next year. She is so happy being a mother, she said that it is like a dream come true and she also said that her baby girl brought so much happiness into Dominique's world. Dominique Hourani's husband told her not to stop her career as a singer because he met her as a singer and he wanted her to stay a singer. In the year 2009, Dominique Hourani declared her willingness to convert to her husband's belief, a Muslim Shiite. Dominique then traveled to Iran and she believed it will bring her and her husband closer together. But in the year 2010 the couple is rumored to split from husband but Dominique Hourani denied the rumor. She said that she was deeply disturbed by the rumor which was untrue. The rumor came up because Dominique's husband staying in Europe while Dominique Hourani is staying in Lebanon with her daughter. Dominique said she had rushed into marriage, she regretted getting married and may divorce soon if  her husband does not move to Lebanon then she will begin divorce procedures. Dominique Hourani stated that she doesnt mind and forgive her husband if her husband decides to cheat on her as long as the infidelity stays a secret. According to, Dominique Hourani said she feels ok if her husband cheats as long as he was living in another country. The Lebanese singer also said that she will not accept his betrayal when her husband lives with her in Lebanon. Dominique really wants her husband to move his business to Lebanon and learn Arabic language. Dominique Hourany a famous Lebanese singer stated that she has never cheated on her husband but she doesnt want to stay lonely forever, that is why she has given her husband a last chance to move to Lebanon to live with her. Dominique Hourani also confirmed that she is very happy with her marriage and all rumor was untrue. She said no marriage without problem but all problems are solved as long as mutual understanding and respect are present. 



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