Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anabella Hilal New Gallery - أنابيلا هلال

أنابيلا هلال Anabella Hilal New Gallery

Anabella Hilal and her daughter, baby Maeva New Gallery from Laha Magazine. To refresh your memory, Anabella Hilal is a model, tv presenter and also wife of Dr. Nader Saab a famous plastic surgeon. Anabella Hilal participated Miss Lebanon 2006 and won the first runner up, she went to represent Lebanon in Miss World pageant held in Poland and placed as one of the semifinalists. She married Dr. Nader Saab when she was 23 years, and then in August 2010 she gave birth a beautiful baby they named Maeva (Mayeva), she became a mother when she was 24 years. Anabella Hilal has ambition to be a judge, she studied law and she got her Phd title when she is 25 years old. Congratulation Anabella Hilal, Mabrook.

Dr. Nader Saab - Baby Maeva - Anabella Hilal


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