Sunday, December 5, 2010

Miss Model Of The World Lebanon 2010

Lebanese Representative at Miss Model Of The World pageant 2010

Miss Asia 2010

If you are a pageant lover, there is one more beauty pageant not to be missed that held in China on 5th December 2010, 18 beauty girls from asia continent competing to win Miss Asia 2010.

Just to refresh your memory, The first and the only one Lebanese representative who participated in Miss Asia 2005 pageant is Gabrielle Bou Rached where she won the 4th place and also grabbed the Most Intelligent award, she was also rank 2 in the Etnic attraction award.

Back To Miss Asia 2010 Pageant - No Miss Philippines in the pageant
This year we wont see Miss Philippines in Miss Asia Pageant, because the organizer decided not to invite Philippines in order to avoid embarrassment of the Filipino representative. There is ill-feelings between Hong Kong and Philippines after 8 Hong Kong visitors were killed in Manila. A spokesperson for Miss Asia Pageant said she is worried about Filipino representative if she come to the pageant in Hong Kong. Another spokesperson explained that the decision not to invite Miss Philippines is not a discrimination to the Filipino representative but to avoid embarrassment.

Miss Asia 2010 result
After jury had a hard time deciding who deserve the crown, finally Wan Xin from China is crowned as Miss Asia 2010, 1st runner up goes to Vita tsybulska from Tajikistan and 2nd runner up goes to Liu Xiaozhi also from China (Lianing province). 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Miss EARTH 2010 is MISS INDIA!!

Broadcasted from Vietnam, after one month of competition held in Vietnam finally Miss INDIA - Nicole Faria (who also Miss Talent winner) is crowned as Miss EARTH 2010 beating 84 other contestants!!
Nicole Faria is 20 year old Fashion Model and still studying at one of the huge universities in India, her hobbies are dancing, singing and travelling. Faria is included in the top chooses of Pageant Lovers for this year’s ambassador of Environmental Seeks and Healthiness. During an interview, Nicole said "I want to make friends and enjoy my time in Vietnam. It's not about winning or losing, but how you play the game."

Miss India also won as “Miss Talent” with her belly dance performance on November 9 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Miss Earth Air is Ecuador (also won Miss Long Gown Award)
Miss Earth Water is Thailand (also won Miss Photogenic award)
Miss Earth Fire is Puerto Rico

Congratulation Nicole Faria and for all the contestants who participated this beauty contest

The Top 7 Finalist are:
- Ecuador
- Japan
- India
- Puerto Rico
- South Africa
- Thailand
- Venezuela

The Top 14 Semifinalist are:
- Czech Republik
- Ecuador
- Japan
- India
- Italy
- Netherland
- Puerto Rico
- Russia
- South Africa
- Thailand
- Ukraine
- Venezuela
- Vietnam

Friday, December 3, 2010

Miss Earth 2010: Miss Photogenic award

Miss Earth 2010 final night is just hours ahead...the judges for the final night is already announced.

The seven jury members from various countries and three from Vietnam will select the next Miss Earth at the Vinpearl Land, Nha Trang City in Khanh Hoa:

Mike Rosenthal - Hollywood photographer to the stars; guest photographer and judge on the TV show "America's Next Top Model"
Marie J.Y.E. Collart - Actress, Producer, Publicist, and Spokesperson to American and French Stars
Rachel Grant - Hollywood Actress and Eco-Activist
Ella Bella - Youth Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Eddy Tan - Head, Star World, FX, [V]. TVN & Nat Geo
Karla Paula Henry - Miss Earth 2008
Nenad Bratic - Famous architect of Aedas Interiors Company in Hong Kong
Pham Sanh Chau - Secretary General of the Vietnam National Commission for UNESCO
Hoang Dai Thanh - Chief Editor of the Journal of Young Fashion Designers
Nguyen Nhu Quynh - Vietnames Artist, many of her designs were selected for exhibition at the Musée de Mode, Paris in 2010. Also a Violinist and a Dancer

 The three hosts of the final night will include Miss USA Asia, Jennifer Pham, American singer, musician and actress Marie Digby and Oliver Pettigrew, the host of the Sony Style show on AXN Asia channel.

Miss Photogenic Award and Miss Friendship Award
Before the final night held, 2 beautiful contestants won Miss Photogenic award and Miss Friendship award. Miss Thailand won the Miss Photogenic award while Miss Guatemala won Miss Friendship award. 

Miss Thailand:

Miss Thailand, Watsoporn Wattanakoon won Miss Photogenic award because she got the highest online voted by pageant fans all over the world. This 22 years old beautiful girl has a bachelor of performance art
of the Chulalongkorm University and she is also a television actress and broadcasted news in Bangkok Broadcasting Television.

Miss Friendship Award
Miss Friendship award winner was selected by the delegates themselves, and Sue Ellen Castaneda Herrera,Miss Guatemala Earth 2010 was voted the most by other contestants and deserved Miss Friendship award.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Miss earth Lebanon 2010

Meet our lebanese representative for Miss Earth 2010 JIHANE NEHME
Age: 26
Height: 174 cm.
Weight: 52 kilos
Measurements: 85-60-80
Occupation: Reporter
I have a very happy memory of my childhood, playing in my backyard, climbing trees to pluck fruits, going to parks and beaches and enjoying life in general.

Describe your childhood when you were growing up from 8 to 13 years old.
Childhood memories are special for everyone. I have a very happy memory of my childhood and always reminisce it with nostalgia. I was born and brought up in a family which included my mother, father, and my 4 sisters. I have very fond memories of us sisters playing in our backyard, climbing trees to pluck fruits, going to parks and beaches and enjoying life in general. My father was a government servant and my mother a housewife. Of all the memories, one particular memory is very important and it taught me the importance of saving money.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
One summer, my sister was suddenly taken ill. She had to be hospitalized and the doctors advised us that she needed an emergency surgery. The surgery was very costly. My father did not earn a very high salary and it was very difficult for us to raise that amount of money suddenly. Luckily, my father and mother had a habit of saving small amount of money regularly. This money was not touched but kept aside in case of emergencies. This amount turned out to be the exact amount required for the surgery and recuperation of my sister.

I started to save even a little bit from my pocket money. I took to heart the saying, "Little drops of water makes the mighty ocean." Till today, I save money in whatever way I can. My parents have impressed upon us children the importance of saving money and so I do the same.

We were helped by the good habit of saving practiced by my parents. Before this incident, I was a spendthrift and use to spend all of my pocket money.

What makes you proud of your country?
I am Lebanese and Proud.

We are the peaceful warriors, the patriots of the land and we don't need lightning to make diamonds from sand. We have each other and a place to be safe and gloriously free.

While you have a chance, we should love each other more and try enjoying life because it is enjoyable for sure.

What is your environmental advocacy?
Support education, animal rights, production of electric vehicles, care of oceans and rivers.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vietnam Announced as Best Swimsuit Winner

Miss Earth 2010 Tree Planting in Phan Thiết Beautiful Luu Thi Diem Huong, Vietnam representative in Miss Earth 2010 won Miss Earth swimsuit competition held in the central province of Phu yen on November 20, 2010.

The top 5 finalist of Swimsuit competition are: Miss Vietnam Luu Thi Diem Huong, Miss Ecuador Jennifer Stephanie Pazmino, Miss Venezuela Maria Angela Boannni, Miss Czech Republic Carnen Justova and Miss Norway Iman Kerigo.
Miss Huong who won the tile Miss Cendelux hotel said she was proud to win her prize and will do her best to make active contribution to environtmental protection.



Miss Earth 2010 Best in Long Gown Jennifer Pazmino of Ecuador Miss Ecuador Earth bring home prizes of USD 30,000 necklace from PNJ Jewellers of Vietnam as one of the sponsors in Miss Earth 2010 pageant. Miss Ecuador, Jennifer Stephanie Pazmino Saldana won the Best in Long Gown award in the competition held at the Diamond Bay in Nha Trang on November 18.The delegates paraded in their beautiful long gown and 5 contestants were chosen as top 5 finalist, Venezuela, Brazil, Thailand, Czech Republic and Ecuador.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Miss Earth 2010 - Best National costume

Miss Japan Earth 2010, Marina Kishira won Best Natinal Costume award, and received USD 5,000 as the prize. Miss Japan who was also named Miss Sea Links City presented Japan in a modern gown. Miss Japan said that the costume was inherited to her. She wore the black gown with design of Japanese art at the back of her gown. She hoped to show different world for the modern Japanese women, and Japanese costume is not only associated with kimono costume. She was really surprise when she announced as Best National Costume winner, she did not think of win or lose but she also stated that she was proud to winning the award. The National Costume was simple but the way she carried herself in her National Costume was so elegance. 

The Top 5 finalist were:
- Brazil
- Ecuador
- Japan
- Mexico
- South Africa

Miss Earth 2010 Talent Winner

Miss India Earth 2010, Nicole Faria won Miss Talent award defeated 17 other finalists by performing belly dance in her shimmering white and gold outfit.  The top 5 finalists are: India, Crimea, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miss Earth 2010

Who will be crowned as Miss Earth 2010?
Miss Earth 2010: 89 Girls Compete in Nha Trang, Vietnam - On its tenth year, Carousel Productions, as well as the franchise holder of Miss Earth will be celebrating this year's coronation in the beautiful Vinpearl Land, Nha Trang, Vietnam.
Eighty-nine lovely ladies will compete to covet the Miss Earth 2010 crown. Larissa Ramos of Brazil won last year with the Philippines bet Sandra Seifert being the runner-up.
The 89 beauties from all over the world taking part, Miss Earth 2010 will take place in four Vietnamese cities from November 4 to December 4. The pageant aims to spread a message of environmental awareness and the women will take part in activities like tree planting, beach clean ups, tours of waste disposal sites and orphanages.
Here is the official list of Miss Earth 2010 Contestants:
Australia – Kelly Louise Maguire
Bahamas – Aquelle Plakaris
Belgium – Jessica Van Moorleghem
Bhutan – Kinley Yangden
Bolivia – Yovana O’brien
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Ema Golijanin
Botswana – Onalenna Gaopelelwe
Brazil – Luisa Lopes
Cameroon – Estelle Essame
Canada – Summer Anne Ross
Cayman Islands – Samantha Widmer
Chile – Pamela Soprani
China – Ding Wen Yuan
Chinese Taipei – Hsing-Jung Liu
Colombia – Diana Marin
Costa Rica – Allyson Alfaro
Crimea – Anastasiya Sienina
Curacao – Norayla Maria Francisco
Czech Republic – Carmen Justova
Denmark – Sandra Vester
Dominican Republic – Wisleidy Osorio
Ecuador – Jennifer Stephanie Pazmino
Egypt – Doaa Hakam Al-Malla
El Salvador – Sarai Calderon
England – Sandra Marie Lees
France – Christelle Demaison
French Polynesia – Mahiatea Ruta
Georgia – Taliko Shubitidze
Germany – Reingard Hagemann
Ghana – Golda Dayi
Guadeloupe – Maite Elso
Guam – Naiomie Jean Santos
Guatemala – Sue Ellen Castaneda
Guyana – Soyini Fraser
Honduras – Alessa Gamez
India – Nicole Faria
Indonesia – Liza Purnamasari
Ireland – Alesha Gallen
Italy – Ilenia Arnolfo
Jamaica – Kai McDonald
Japan – Marina Kishira
Kenya – Miano Isabell Wangui
Korea – Guijoo Lee
Kosovo – Morena Taraku
Latvia – Eva Caune
Lebanon – Jihane Nehme
Lesotho – Bokang Lekomola
Luxemborg – Lauretta Bardoniqi
Madagascar – Alexandra Randrianarivelo
Malaysia – Appey Rowena
Malta – Christine Mifsud
Martinique – Christine Garcon
Mauritius – Anne Lise Ramooloo
Mexico – Claudia Lopez Mollinedo
Mongolia – Nicole Gantogoo
Nepal – Sahana Bajracharya
Netherlands – Desiree Van den Berg
New Zealand – Lisa Davids
Nicaragua – Junieth Rosales
Nigeria – Inara Isaiah
Northern Ireland – Judith Keys
Norway – Iman Kerigo
Panama – Nicolle Morell
Paraguay – Maria Andrea Arevalos
Peru – Silvana Vasquez
Philippines – Kris Psyche Resus
Poland – Beata Polakowska
Puerto Rico – Yeidy Bosques
Romania – Andreea Dorobantiu
Russia – Victoria Schukina
Samoa – Faaselega Oloapu
Scotland – Cora Buchanan
Serbia – Tijana Rakic
Singapore – Maricelle Wong
Slovak Republic – Timea Szaboova
Slovenia – Ines Draganovic
South Africa – Nondyebo Dzingwa
South Sudan – Atong de Mach
Sri Lanka – Dilrufa Mohamed
Switzerland – Liza Andrea Kuster
Tanzania – Rose Shayo
Thailand – Watsaporn Wattanakoon
Tonga – Glenda Lavemai
Turkey – Dondu Sahin
Ukraine – Alexandra Nikitina
USA – Danielle Bounds
Venezuela – Mariangela Bonanni
Vietnam – Luu Thi Diem Huong
Wales – Louise Hinder
Nicole Faria, Miss India has just won Miss Talent.

Best luck for our lebanese representative Jihane Nehme

Monday, November 22, 2010

Miss World 2010 scandal pictures, fact or rumour?

New scandal in the world of beauty pageants. The U.S. Alexandria Mills, Miss World 2010, which was sent to her boyfriend last summer a photo in which she appeared nude. In the photograph, the model, 18, appears naked in a bath.
Alexandria Mills, who was the first U.S. woman to take the title of beauty, has now found that her ex-boyfriend has posted the photo on the network.
The U.S. representative Alexandria Mills, a beauty of eighteen, was crowned Miss World yesterday at the 60 th edition of the pageant, which was held in China’s tropical Hainan island.
The model Kaiane Aldorino Gibraltar, Miss World 2009, and gave the crown to her successor in a contest involving several hundred twenty women. The second place went to Emma Wareus of Botswana, while the third goes to the Venezuelan Adriana Vasini.
Alexandria Mills was crowned Miss World 2010 last October in Beijing. The model is defined herself as a person “friendly and very open minded.” This is not the first time a Miss becomes embroiled in a scandal of this nature.
Carrie Prejean, who was Miss California, lost her Cornón after the publication of photos of her in sexy poses and topless. Moreover, Miss made some controversial statements against gay marriage which brought her much criticism.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Miss World 2010

Alexandria Mills,Miss US is the Miss World 2010 winner held in Sanya,China .Alexandria Mills is just 18 years old and passed her high school,she is from Louisville,USA.

Alexandria Mills became the first woman in US who won this title after long 20 years .In second position Emma Wareus of Botswana and in the third place secured by Adriana Vasini of Venezuela.She suprised the whole world after winning the title from 100 of contestants around the world.

It was a great moment for Alexandria Mills when the crown was passed down to her from Miss world 2009 ,Miss Gilbraltar Kaiane Aldorino.

representatives from the United States, Alexandria Mills eventually won the Miss World crown which previously adorned the head Kaiane Aldorino. How real figure this new Miss World? Maybe many people do not think that Alexandria Mills who was elected Miss World 2010, held at the Beauty Crown Theatre, Sanya, China. Because the owner of 175 cm body posture is still young and fresh out of high school or secondary school (high school).

But in fact, age does not preclude Alexandria became the most influential woman in Miss World and this time it entered the organization's 60th year.

In a special interview with Miss World Organization, Alexandria claimed to want to become a teacher. He also has a hobby of traveling, photography, and percussion. The motto of his life are the best things in life waiting, struggling to stay confident, and never let go of the opportunity.

In addition, Alexandria is also a story about him that always think positively liberal. "I've never met a stranger and happy to meet new people," he said, as reported by the official website of Miss World on Saturday (30/10/2010).

As is known, Alexandria Mills managed to beat two other candidates who came from Botswana and Venezuela during the peak night of the Miss World 2010. Alexandria has successfully made the judges of Miss World was amazed with the answers during the question and answer session Miss World. One of them, the answer to a beautiful woman 18 years old when elected to the seven great Miss World. He said, for a month following the Miss World event provides a positive impact in their lives and will be a great honor if you win.

Miss World 2010

Miss World 2010 Date October 30, 2010
Miss World 2010 Presenters Angela Chow, Steve Douglas
Miss World 2010 Entertainment Shayne Ward, Dave Koz, and Carlos Aponte
Miss World 2010 Venue Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, People's Republic of China
Miss World 2010 Broadcaster E!
Miss World 2010 Entrants 115
Miss World 2010 Placements 25
Miss World 2010 Withdraws Austria, Dominican Republic, Liberia, Slovenia, Swaziland
Miss World 2010 Returns Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Lesotho, Macau China, Malawi, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, United States Virgin Islands
Miss World 2010 Winner Alexandria Mills
Miss World 2010 Represented United States

Miss World 2010 Results

Final Result Contestant
Miss World 2010 United States - Alexandria Mills
Miss World 2010 1st Runner-up Botswana - Emma Wareus
Miss World 2010 2nd Runner-up Venezuela - Adriana Vasini
Miss World 2010 3rd Runner-up Ireland - Emma Britt Waldron
Miss World 2010 4th Runner-up China PR - Xiao Tang
Miss World 2010 5th Runner-up Norway - Mariann Birkedal
Miss World 2010 6th Runner-up Italy - Giada Pezzaioli
Miss World 2010 Top 25 Semifinalists
  • Bahamas - Braneka Bassett
  • Canada - Denise Garrido
  • Colombia - Laura Palacio
  • France - Virginie Dechenaud
  • French Polynesia - Mihilani Teixeira
  • Germany - Susanna Kobylinski
  • Kenya - Natasha Metto
  • Mongolia - Sarnai Amar
  • Namibia - Odile Gertze
  • Netherlands - Desirée van den Berg
  • Northern Ireland - Lori Moore
  • Paraguay - Egni Eckert
  • Puerto Rico - Yara Lasanta
  • Russia - Irina Sharipova
  • St. Lucia - Aiasha Gustave
  • Scotland - Nicola Mimnagh
  • South Africa - Nicole Flint
  • Thailand - Yuwaret Sirirat Rueangsri

Rahaf Abdallah @Miss World 2010

Name :  Rahaf ABDALLAH
Age :  22
Height :  174
Languages :  Arabic, English & French
After finishing her Degree in Business Management, Rahaf plans to continue with her Masters Degree in the same field. Hobbies: Surfing the Internet, Watching Movies, Fashion, Fitness, Table Tennis and Basketball. Personal Motto: ‘Where there is a will there is a way’.
Favourite Music / Books ?
Classical music and upbeat music. Thriller novels.
Describe yourself
Nice but determined, easy going yet demanding. Conservative yet open minded but most all family attached.
Favourite food ?
Fattoush, a typical Lebanese salad.
Future ambitions ?
Opening my own event management business.
Special Talents ?
Oriental and modern dance.
Tell us a little something about your Country ?
Lebanon is a beautiful country with varied sceneries and moderate climate. Home of the alphabet it is the crossroad of various religions. Its richness stems from all the cultures that mingle together to form a unique Lebanese identity. Its economy is mostly based on tourism and the country's ancient history definitely brings a helping hand.

source: the official Missworld website

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pageant Highlight 2010

Highlight 2010

Miss Lebanon 2010 Rahaf Abdallah

Miss Lebanon Overseas 2010 Taouny Bou rejaili

Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010 Daniella Rahme

Mr. Lebanon 2010


Miss Universe Lebanon - Rahaf Abdallah

Miss World Lebanon - Rahaf Abdallah

Miss International Lebanon - Daniella Rahme

Miss Earth Lebanon - Jihane Nehme


Miss Universe 
Miss World
Miss Earth
Miss International
Miss Asia

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lebanese Pride

International Pageant Tittle Holder:

Miss Universe 1971 - Georgina Rizk

Miss International 2002 - Christina Sawaya

Miss Model Of the World 2002 - Cyrine Abdel Nour
Miss Internet World 2002 - Dorisse el hajj

Miss Intercontinental 2003 - Dominique Hourani

Miss Intercontinental 2007 - Nancy Afiouny 
Miss Lebanon Nancy Afiouny (R) smiles as she is crowned Miss Intercontinental 2007 by last year's winner Katarina Monava of Slovakia at the end of the beauty pageant held on Mahe island Oct. 13, 2007.

    Finalist - Semi Finalist
    • Joele Behlouck - Miss World 1997
    • Marie Jose Hnein - Miss World 2003
    • Anabella Hilal - Miss World 2006
    Lebanese Pride Overseas
    • Rima Fakih Miss Usa 2010
    • Shakira - International singer
    • Salma hayek - Actress

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    Rahaf Abdallah - Miss Universe Lebanon 2010

    Rahaf Abdallah

    Miss Rahaff - Swimsuit

    Miss Lebanon 2010 - miss dominican republik, miss france

    Monday, August 2, 2010

    Road to Miss Universe 2010

    Miss Universe 2010 will be the the 59th Miss Universe pageant, will be held in August/September, in a venue to be announced soon. Stefanía Fernández from Venezuela, Miss Universe 2009, will crown her successor at the end of this event. More than 80 countries and territories will compete for the title and the pageant will broadcast live on NBC and Telemundo.

    Rahaf Abdallah photo at Miss Universe 2010

    Lovely Rahaf abdallah in her evening gown. Goodluck Ya Amoura!!!!

    Saturday, July 31, 2010

    Miss Universe 2010

    Mexico’s Jimena Navarrete is Miss Universe 2010.
    She was crowned by last year’s winner Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela and was held at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada
    The 22-year-old stunner is only the second Mexican to win the crown after Lupita Jones in 1991.
    First Runner-up is Yendi Phillips of Jamaica, Second Runner-up is Jesinta Campbell of Australia, Third Runner-up is Anna Psolavska of Ukraine and Fourth Runner-up is Venus Raj of the Philippines.
    Countries who made it into the top 10 were Ireland, Albania, South Africa, Guatemala and Puerto Rico while those who made it into the top 15 were Russia, Colombia, France, Russia, Belgium and the Czech Republic.
    Special Awards went to Miss Australia while Miss Photogenic and Best in National Costumer went to Miss Thailand Fonthip Watcharatrakul.
    It is to be noted that Venezuela, the winner of the the pageant in during the last two years, the first country to do so, and the United States did not place through the semi-finals.

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    Miss Lebanon 2010 Interview Laha Magazine

    Miss Lebanon 2010 Rahaf Abdullah
    I challenged myself and I won the title Kgele
    July 28, 2010
    Karen Eliane Daher

    The question of crowning Rahaf Abdullah beauty queen on the throne of the Lebanese a dream for them, especially since it did not make for the contest only as a result of the insistence of parents, especially her brother who was confident of victory. I dreamed to be one of the ten priorities of girls in the competition and would win participation Jessica Gahwati, but won the title. In a domestic and grainy with Rahaf at her home in Beirut, in the presence of her family of father, mother, brother and sister, in addition to a sister who had married living in the United States, spoke spontaneously and openly about her experience and her life and not hide the fear from the experience of the election of Miss Universe, which participate where in the month of August next, they are not present yet and have been trying to absorb as it became Miss Lebanon.

    - Do you plan to participate in the contest the election of Miss Lebanon long before?
    Days did not plan to participate in the contest the election of Miss Lebanon, but this issue was just a joke to me. Were not the idea and I have never surfaced, but my brother continued to encourage me and support my family Dfani to participate eventually. I have also since I was younger, my friends at school was encouraging me to go to trial, but I consider it a joke.
    - Do you feel when you applied to participate Stsalin to this stage?
    When we heard the announcement on television, and greatly encouraged by my brother, made the request but I did not expect never accepted, as he assures me that. But on the day that I endured the experience of Alcastng, I felt that everything was to my advantage and seemed obvious interest in me. Has passed through several stages, and organizers expressed interest in me. In spite of that I was not present for the experience of a swimsuit, I found them determined to go to bring swimsuits and there was a willingness to wait for me until I get back. These indicators have shown me that the question of my acceptance is not impossible. I remember the night I was waiting for the call to confirm my acceptance, I could not sleep for the intensity of enthusiasm and I was very happy when they contact me.
    - What was the reaction of your family when you are accepted?
    They were happy too, but I was surprised by the cold reaction my mother assured me that it was expected that, which explains the reaction when I told her careless.
    - Can you started Makers probability of winning and Ttawaijk Miss Lebanon?
    I did not put the probability of winning at all in my mind, but I do not rule out the idea.
    - If not Tvose you, win Posts Trjehin you?
    You are most likely to win one of the participants said to be close to the concert, which is one of the organizers Jessica Gahwati. In essence, they expect to win all posts for this reason. But we say we will try our best to achieve a satisfactory result. My aim has been to reach the quarter-final stage when they were selecting 10 posts Connie take it this stage I would have been an honorable and proud of my investigation of this result, and did not let me down at all.
    - Are you on a friendship with one of the posts?
    Both girls have qualities close to me, but I was not friends with one of them in particular.
    - How was Thouderkin of the competition, I asked you whether certain things?
    The period of preparation is very difficult and when we were under great pressure and fatigue because we were obliged to prepare full from morning till evening, and can not practice our normal lives in this period. But matters took place in a natural way did not ask me something specific. But I played sports, as usual, because I feel it more comfortable for me.
    - Did you previous experience in filming ads or clips before running this experiment?
    Gave me a lot of offers to participate in advertisements for shampoo, and you find a determination, but I did not always refuse to participate in the filming days, ads or clips, and I'm far from these areas, especially since I've always serious and a bit shy.
    - How and who I thought at the moment the result was announced on stage?
    I did not think anything in those moments, my mind was turned off and my feelings mixed. Everyone was close to congratulate me but I did not know who congratulated me as if I were in a vacuum. Then very impressed when I saw my family was affected.
    - There is no doubt that the level of beauty was better this year than in previous years, but the viewer feel that the posts have been left without cultural richness, especially Onken Tjbn no direct way to the questions and correct answers were required, but irrelevant.
    To fear a significant impact on the shares. When I returned to my place after the answer to my question, I realized that I answered the question on an error on tourism, cosmetic and seemed ignorant of what I know the answer as well, in fact. But for the moment to ask the question did not hear a word I said tourism for cosmetic surgery. But I think I answered in an acceptable manner because I was carrying my answer is guaranteed, especially since I usually dwell in the commentary when I feel nervous. With regard to the common question, I was very tense, but do not know where I received strength and courage to answer this way self-confidently and fluently, and even humor.
    - For as long as all the beauty of the girl singing the Lebanese, but today with widespread use of cosmetic surgery in Lebanon, has become the image of the processes attached. What do you think about this topic?
    There is no doubt that we in Lebanon are heading for a true and natural beauty. So we find that adolescents want to emulate the particular personalities and Icbehn them and undergo cosmetic surgery at an early age, and this is unfortunate. As if beauty has become a swollen lips and nose small and swollen cheek, and the absence of such specifications is a fault. The further away a lot of natural beauty, It is unfortunate that you get when you over-age.
    - Can not Tkhaddai any kind of cosmetic surgery when needed?
    I've always harmonious with a very formal, face, and I know if I subjected to any change or correction not going to accept and will affect negatively on the self esteem. So do not think I have been subjected to days of plastic surgery.
    - Are you committed to the interest in beauty, in your life normal?
    Usually, I do not like to go out of my house but look decent. It is not necessary to put make-up, but be sure that I ordered even though I was without makeup.
    - Do you have a specific diet to maintain your weight?
    Connie I exercise, I became more anxious not eating certain foods may increase the muscles in the body, and this is not a nice girl. I also know that carbohydrates and sugars and fried foods may cause increase in weight and try not to over-addressed.
    - Do you live a sport regularly?
    I love exercise, especially exercise at the club.
    - After becoming Miss Lebanon, what are your expectations for the Miss Universe Joining in tactile on 23 August next?
    As I said earlier, I did not expect Fawzi in the Miss Lebanon and not Othoudr what comes after. I know that participation in the contest the election of Miss Universe requires a lot of preparation and the preparations the more difficult it is for me because I do not have a lot of the time of the election of Miss Lebanon and the date of my participation in the election contest Miss Universe. Othoudr not yet the subject and Safari like tourism.
    - Has already won the Lebanese Rima Fakih was crowned Miss America, but more than this Hamacetk in the representation of Lebanon?
    In fact, sent me a message Hnotni Rima Fakih and encouraged me and I told her I was and it is they who encouraged me more to participate and Zadtni self-confidence, especially as it traveled at a young age and have a lot of experience. Culture is characterized by large lots and take advantage of them, considering them as an example of me and I hope to be able to raise the name of Lebanon, as I did.
    - After I obtained the title, what are your ambitions for the coming year?
    I did not think yet what to do. I am still at the stage where I'm trying to absorb the responsibility entrusted to me.
    - Most of the queens who they had experienced before thee on the throne of Lebanon, they own a lot of ambitions and soon they have figured out that things are the opposite of what should wish for may not be achieved all the goals Idanha for themselves, you put yourself specific goals to achieve ninety?
    When we work hard in order to achieve our goals and we put all our energies into that and go in the right way, we can reach. I personally do not give up easily and when I want something I'm working hard to achieve, in my life normal. I think that this will be a positive in my career.
    - No doubt because in this year, Stdatrin to do a lot of sacrifices at the expense of your own life, do you realize the size of these sacrifices and ready for her?
    In relation to my studies I intend to follow-up after returning from the Miss Universe I started close to graduation.As for going out with friends and other things in my own life, it must be very careful in my movements being Miss Lebanon and I was out under the lights. I know that I have many commitments and must behave in a proper way according to the agreement signed.
    - How can Thsni yourself as a girl for the Lebanese are facing a lot of temptation and you keep your position as queen of the beauty of Lebanon?
    I will do something according to my personality and I will address the issues depending on the circumstances in order to maintain the status of Miss Lebanon, will not allow interference in the personal Amaury anything to do with one's own.
    - I met Miss Lebanon 2009 Andrew Martin before the election, what to say to you?
    I met Andrew Martin and delivered it and I asked her about her experience, especially as he was elected a little older, and she told me it was fantastic.
    - What is the most Tfajrin it?
    The fact that the Sunni did not exceed 22 years, I am proud that I challenged myself being shy by nature. I had this experience that were not easy and showed how it can beat the myself and realize my goal and become a beautiful way to represent my country.
    - What do feel regret?
    I do not regret anything, but I learn from all the trials ordered by whether successful or unsuccessful. I say to myself that I only aspire to enter the field of communications and television, but I did not succeed in because of my personality shy of Ordjatni back in many things. At the same time I'm not sad because I chose the field of business management, but I see it very appropriate to me as a girl.
    - After the expiration of your term, it is natural to provide you with a lot of offers, both in representation or in the provision of programs or other, where you will find yourself more?
    I might find myself more in the provision of television programs.
    - What about Siiatk?
    I often argue that I am proved right and this kind of intransigence. But I woke up to this and beat it.
    - What are the main Favors?
    I'm very spontaneous.
    - What do you mean the crown?
    Crown is a fantasy in the mind of every girl's dream from childhood that it is impossible to imagine her reach. But here is the dream become a reality for me.
    - Where you find yourself in 10 years or more?
    I imagine myself after 10 years, an independent woman I have a family and I own my own business. But may not be able to achieve this dream after 10 years, but may need more time.

    Note: I use Google Translator to translate the page, source: Laha magazine

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Miss Lebanon Title Holder

    * 2010 - Rahaf Abdallah

    * 2009 - Martine Andraos

    * 2008 - Rosarita Tawil

    * 2007 - Nadine Njeim

    * 2006 - Canceled due to conflict

    * 2005 - Gabrielle Bou Rached

    * 2004 - Nadine Njeim

    * 2003 - Marie José Hnein

    * 2002 - Canceled due to conflict

    * 2001 - Christina Sawaya

    * 2000 - Sandra Rizk

    * 1999 - Norma Naoum

    * 1998 - Clemence Achkar

    * 1997 - Joelle Behlock

    * 1996 - Nisrine Nasser

    * 1995 - Dina Azar

    * 1994 - Lara Badaoui

    * 1993 - Ghada El Turck

    * 1992 - Nicole Bardawil

    * 1991 - Diana Begdache

    * 1990-88 - cancelled (civil war)

    * 1987 - Elaine Fakhoury

    * 1986 - Josiane Haddad

    * 1985 - Mirella Abi Fares

    * 1984 - Reine Barakat

    * 1983 - Elaine Khoury

    * 1982 - Dochka Abi Nader

    * 1981 - Zeina Challita

    * 1980 - Celéste El Assai

    * 1979 - Jacky Riachi

    * 1978 - Reine Antoine Semaan

    * 1977 - Vera Aloune

    * 1976 - Ramona Karam

    * 1975 - Gisélle Hachem

    * 1974 - Sylvia Johannessian

    * 1973 - Marcelle Herro

    * 1971 - Georgina Rizk

    * 1970 - Rola Mayzoub

    * 1967 - Sonia Fares

    * 1966 - Marlene Tala

    * 1965 - Jolla Harb

    * 1964 - Nanna Barakaf

    * 1961 - Leila Antaki

    * 1960 - Gisélle Nasser

    * 1955 - Hanya Beydoun

    Saturday, July 17, 2010

    Helen Bou Nader

    Helen Bou Nader, Miss Lebanon Montreal Canada 2010 - 2nd Runner up Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010

    Helen Bou Nader
    Age: 18
    Occupation: Student in Social Work
    Hobbies: Cheerleading, traveling
    Height : 176 cm
    Hair Color : Dark Brown
    Eye Color : Blue
    Shoe Size : 9

    Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010

    Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010 - Daniella Rahme (Miss Lebanon Australia)

    Miss Lebanon Emigrant is organized by the Miss Lebanon Committee in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism , Ministry of Foreign affairs , World Lebanese Culture and LBCI . Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010 is a beauty pageant that reaches out to Lebanese women outside their homeland and recognizes Lebanese beauty abroad.
    Daniella Rahme (Miss Lebanon Australia) crowned as Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010, first runner up was Miss Lebanon Mexico Scarlett Derghal and second runner up went to Miss Lebanon Montreal(Canada) Helene Bou Nader. The pageant was held at Casino Du Liban located in Adma north Beirut on August 17 2010.

    Michael Hbeis, Consultant and Ministry of Tourism Representative, Mary Claire el Khoury, Dr. Nader Saab (Plastic Surgeon, husband of Anabella Hilal Miss Lebanon World 2006), and fashion designer Bahia Al Ghsein were the judges on Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010. Famous singer Carole Samaha entertained the audience sang her recent hits.

    The 19 contestants are:
    1- Arsineh Missirian : Miss Lebanon Armenia
    2- Samar itani : Miss Lebanon Florida
    3- Jessica El Hage : Miss Lebanon Burkina Faso
    4- Bianca Citron : Miss Lebanon South Africa
    5- Joyce Azzam : Miss Lebanon Italy
    6- Maria Abi Ghanem : Miss Lebanon Ontario / Canada
    7- Karina Farhat : Miss Lebanon Senegal
    8- Maria Cielo Esqueff : Miss Lebanon Argentina
    9- Amira Tabet : Miss  Lebanon China
    10- Dounia Harouki : Miss Lebanon Sweden
    11- Daniella Rahme : Miss Lebanon Australia
    12- Helene bou Nader : Miss Lebanon Montreal / Canada
    13- Scarlett Derghal : Miss Lebanon Mexico
    14- Layal Abdel Samad : Miss Lebanon Abu Dhabi
    15- Anastasia Mikhalides : Miss Lebanon England
    16- Izabelle Doumit : Miss Lebanon Germany
    17- Christine Saleh : Miss Lebanon North Carolina
    18- Sahar Khoury : Miss Lebanon Sieraleonne
    19- Denise Toulany : Miss Lebanon Novascotia / Canada

    Friday, July 16, 2010

    Miss Emigrant Lebanon 2010 Contestant

    Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010 Contestants:

    1- Arsineh Missirian : Miss Lebanon Armenia

    Age: 22
    Occupation: Actress
    Hobbies: Modelling and Shopping

    2- Samar itani : Miss Lebanon Florida

    Age : 24

    Occupation: Master Psychology

     Hobbies: Tennis, Yoga, Ballet Dancing, Sky Diving

    3- Jessica El Hage : Miss Lebanon Burkina Faso
    Age : 17

    Occupation : Terminal

    Hobbies : Swimming, Piano

    4- Bianca Citron : Miss Lebanon South Africa
    Age : 19
    Occupation: student in Law
    Hobbies : student in Law

    5- Joyce Azzam : Miss Lebanon Italy
     Full Name : Joyce Azzam
    Country : Miss Lebanon Italy
    Age : 25
    Occupation: Master in Architecture
    Hobbies : extreme sport , cycling

    6- Maria Abi Ghanem : Miss Lebanon Ontario / Canada
    Full Name : Maria Abi Ghanem
    Country : Miss Lebanon Ontario / Canada
    Age : 20
    Occupation: Civil Engeneer
    Hobbies : Swimming, Guitarre, Snow Boarding

    7- Karina Farhat : Miss Lebanon Senegal
     Full Name : Karina Farhat
    Country : Miss Lebanon Senegal
    Age : 22
    Occupation: Travel & Tourism
    Hobbies : Travel , Music , Sport

    8- Maria Cielo Esqueff : Miss Lebanon Argentina
     Full Name : Maria Cielo Esqueff
    Country : Miss Lebanon Argentina
    Age : 21
    Occupation: Teacher for children with special needs
    Hobbies : Gym , Dancing

    9- Amira Tabet : Miss Lebanon China
     Full Name : Amira Tabet
    Country : Miss Lebanon China
    Age : 21
    Occupation: designer – Haute Couture
    Hobbies : Oriental Dance , Swimming

    10- Dounia Harouki : Miss Lebanon Sweden
     Full Name : Dounia Harouki
    Country : Miss Lebanon Sweden
    Age : 19
    Occupation: Media
    Hobbies : Acting , Modelling , Painting

    11- Daniella Rahme : Miss Lebanon Australia
     Full Name : Daniella Rahme
    Country : Miss Lebanon Australia
    Age : 19
    Occupation: Media
    Hobbies : acting , Modeling , Painting

    12- Helene bou Nader : Miss Lebanon Montreal / Canada
     Full Name : Helene bou Nader
    Country : Miss Lebanon Montreal / Canada
    Age : 18
    Occupation: Student in Social work
    Hobbies : cheerleading , traveling

    13- Scarlett Derghal : Miss Lebanon Mexico
     Full Name : Scarlett Derghal
    Country : Miss Lebanon Mexico
    Age : 19
    Occupation: Student in fashion design
    Hobbies : Running , Biking , swimming

    14- Layal Abdel Samad : Miss Lebanon Abu Dhabi
     Full Name : Layal Abdel Samad
    Country : Miss Lebanon Abu Dhabi
    Age : 25
    Occupation: Marketing
    Hobbies : Dancing , Traveling

    15- Anastasia Mikhalides : Miss Lebanon England
     Full Name : Anastasia Mikhalides
    Country : Miss Lebanon England
    Age : 18
    Occupation: Business
    Hobbies : Running , Modeling

    16- Izabelle Doumit : Miss Lebanon Germany
     Full Name : Izabelle Doumit
    Country : Miss Lebanon Germany
    Age : 17
    Occupation: School
    Hobbies : Boxing , Cooking

    17- Christine Saleh : Miss Lebanon North Carolina
     Full Name : Christine Saleh
    Country : Miss Lebanon North Carolina
    Age : 23
    Occupation: Business Marketing
    Hobbies : Acting , Piano , Tennis

    18- Sahar Khoury : Miss Lebanon Sieraleonne
     Full Name : Sahar Khoury
    Country : Miss Lebanon Sieraleonne
    Age : 19
    Occupation: Marketing advertising
    Hobbies : Traveling , Oriental Dance

    19- Denise Toulany : Miss Lebanon Novascotia / Canada
     Full Name : Denise Toulany
    Country : Miss Lebanon Novascotia / Canada
    Age : 21
    Occupation: Banking & Finance
    Hobbies : Acting , volunteer work