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Georgina Rizk

Georgina Rizk (Arabic: جورجينا رزق‎, ) was Lebanon's first and so far only Miss Universe.
Born July 23, 1953 (1953-07-23) (age 57)
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Measurements 35-24-35 in
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel Brown
Title(s) Miss Lebanon 1970
Miss Universe 1971

Rizk was born in Beirut, she won Miss Lebanon title in the year 1970, she had competed in the 1970 Miss World competition, but did not place. Prior to coming to Florida to compete in the Miss Universe Pageant, Georgina Rizk was told by a local fortune teller in Lebanon that she would be travelling to a far away land and that she would become very successful and famous. Soon after Georgina Rizk ran to Florida and came back with the title of Miss Universe 1971. She was crowned in the Miss Universe pageant in 1971 in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. She was the first woman from the Middle East and the fourth woman from Asia to win the title. In the pageant she made a memorable fashion statement by wearing a very revealing top and hotpants.
In the 1972 Miss Universe pageant in Dorado, Puerto Rico, Rizk was not allowed to attend due to government restrictions because of fears of a terrorist attack. These fears were triggered when, two months prior to the pageant, bombings occurred outside the hotel in which Miss USA, Tanya Wilson, was then staying. Lebanon also did not send a delegate to the pageant that year.

Georgina was married in 1976 to Ali Hassan Salameh, a Palestinian national with Black September, who was assassinated in 1979 by the Mossad.

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Lebanese Representatives

Representatives since 1995
Year Miss World Result
1995 Julia Syriani
1996 Nisrine Sami Nasser
1997 Joëlle Buhlock Top 10
1998 Clémence Achkar
1999 Norma Elias Naoum
2000 Sandra Rizk
2001 Christina Sawaya
2002 Bethany Kehdy
2003 Marie José Hnein Top 15
2004 Nadine Njeim
2005 Lamita Frangieh
2006 Annabella Samir Hilal Top 16
2007 Nadine Njeim
2008 Rosarita Tawil
2009 Martine Albert Andraos
2010 Rahaf Abdallah

Year Miss Universe Result
1996 Julia Syriani
1997 Dalida Chammaï
1998 Nina Kaddis
1999 Clémence Achkar
2000 Norma Elias Naoum
2001 Sandra Rizk
2004 Marie José Hnein
2005 Nadine Njeim
2006 Gabrielle Bou Rached
2007 Nadine Njeim
2008 Rosarita Tawil
2009 Martine Albert Andraos

Year Miss International Result
1997 Nisrine Sami Nasser
1998 Clémence Achkar
2002 Christina Sawaya Winner
2003 Nathalie Nasrallah
2007 Grace Bejjani
2008 Jessica Michelle Kahawaty Top 12
2009 Sarah Mansour
Year Miss Intercontinental Result
2000 Nancy Korakezian
2001 Claudia Berberi
2003 Dominique Joseph Hourani Winner
2004 Amale Baltaji
2007 Nancy Afiouni Winner
2008 Sheila Marouni
2009 Nicole Licha Khouri

Year Miss Earth Result
2001 Adelle Raymonde Boustani
2002 Mary Georges Hanna
2003 Lana Khattab
2004 Chantal Karam
2007 Amale Khodor Top 16
2008 Pamela Saade
2009 Nicole Licha Khouri

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Male Representatives


Mister World

Year Mister World Lebanon Result
1996 Hadi Esta -
1998 Ghassan Mawla -
2000 Omar Mehyo Top 10
2003 Assaad Tarabay 1st R.Up
2007 Anthony Hakim Top 12
2010 Abdel Rahman Bala Top 5

Mister International

Year Mister International Lebanon Result
1999 James Ghoril 1st R.Up
2002 Omar Elias Helahel Top 6
2006 Wissam Hanna Winner
2007 Bassel Bou Hamden 4th R.Up
2008 Mohamed Chamseddine 1st R.Up
2009 Marcelino Gebrayel 2nd R.Up
2010 Elie Sader TBA


Year Manhunt Lebanon Result
2005 Wissam Hanna Top 15 (11th place)
2006 Rafic Abou Zeid -
2007 Pedro Kiwan Top 15 (14th place)
2010 Ahmed Sabbagh TBA

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Mr. Lebanon Pageant

Abdel Rahman baala - Mr. Lebanon 2009
Mohammed Shams El Din - Mr Lebanon 2008
Bassel Abou Hamdan - Mr Lebanon 2007
Wissam Hanna - Mr Lebanon 2005
Anthony Hakim - Mr. Lebanon 2004
Assaad Tarabay - Mr. lebanon 2003
Aziz Abdo - Mr. Lebanon 2001
Omar Mehyo - Mr Lebanon 2000
Ghassan Mawla - Mr Lebanon 1997

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