Saturday, July 17, 2010

Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010

Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010 - Daniella Rahme (Miss Lebanon Australia)

Miss Lebanon Emigrant is organized by the Miss Lebanon Committee in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism , Ministry of Foreign affairs , World Lebanese Culture and LBCI . Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010 is a beauty pageant that reaches out to Lebanese women outside their homeland and recognizes Lebanese beauty abroad.
Daniella Rahme (Miss Lebanon Australia) crowned as Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010, first runner up was Miss Lebanon Mexico Scarlett Derghal and second runner up went to Miss Lebanon Montreal(Canada) Helene Bou Nader. The pageant was held at Casino Du Liban located in Adma north Beirut on August 17 2010.

Michael Hbeis, Consultant and Ministry of Tourism Representative, Mary Claire el Khoury, Dr. Nader Saab (Plastic Surgeon, husband of Anabella Hilal Miss Lebanon World 2006), and fashion designer Bahia Al Ghsein were the judges on Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010. Famous singer Carole Samaha entertained the audience sang her recent hits.

The 19 contestants are:
1- Arsineh Missirian : Miss Lebanon Armenia
2- Samar itani : Miss Lebanon Florida
3- Jessica El Hage : Miss Lebanon Burkina Faso
4- Bianca Citron : Miss Lebanon South Africa
5- Joyce Azzam : Miss Lebanon Italy
6- Maria Abi Ghanem : Miss Lebanon Ontario / Canada
7- Karina Farhat : Miss Lebanon Senegal
8- Maria Cielo Esqueff : Miss Lebanon Argentina
9- Amira Tabet : Miss  Lebanon China
10- Dounia Harouki : Miss Lebanon Sweden
11- Daniella Rahme : Miss Lebanon Australia
12- Helene bou Nader : Miss Lebanon Montreal / Canada
13- Scarlett Derghal : Miss Lebanon Mexico
14- Layal Abdel Samad : Miss Lebanon Abu Dhabi
15- Anastasia Mikhalides : Miss Lebanon England
16- Izabelle Doumit : Miss Lebanon Germany
17- Christine Saleh : Miss Lebanon North Carolina
18- Sahar Khoury : Miss Lebanon Sieraleonne
19- Denise Toulany : Miss Lebanon Novascotia / Canada


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