Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dominique Hourani, biography: career, life and rumours of divorcing

Lebanese beauties Dominique Youssef Hourani دومينيك حوراني   who was born August 7, 1985, is the daughter of Lebanese historian, renowned archaeologist and writer who wrote more than 20 books Dr. Youssef Hourani and the wife of Austrian naturalized Iranian businessman Ali Reza Almassi. Dominique Hourani is a Lebanese singer actress, model and designer, she was also an international beauty pageant title holder when she won the 32nd Miss Intercontinental pageant which was held in Germany on July 2, 2003 as Miss Intercontinental 2003. Dominique Hourany is not only beautiful but she is well educated with her Masters Degree in Business Administration from the Lebanese American university along with two other degrees in psychology and accounting. 

Anabella Hilal New Gallery - أنابيلا هلال

أنابيلا هلال Anabella Hilal New Gallery

Anabella Hilal and her daughter, baby Maeva New Gallery from Laha Magazine. To refresh your memory, Anabella Hilal is a model, tv presenter and also wife of Dr. Nader Saab a famous plastic surgeon. Anabella Hilal participated Miss Lebanon 2006 and won the first runner up, she went to represent Lebanon in Miss World pageant held in Poland and placed as one of the semifinalists. She married Dr. Nader Saab when she was 23 years, and then in August 2010 she gave birth a beautiful baby they named Maeva (Mayeva), she became a mother when she was 24 years. Anabella Hilal has ambition to be a judge, she studied law and she got her Phd title when she is 25 years old. Congratulation Anabella Hilal, Mabrook.

Dr. Nader Saab - Baby Maeva - Anabella Hilal

Friday, April 8, 2011

Miss Lebanon 2011 - applications open throughout April

Are you ready to be Miss Lebanon 2011?
If you are interested to participate Miss Lebanon 2011 pageant, the applications should be submitted to the Tourism Ministry starting thhoughout April. The minister specified that the required documents are a resume, a photocopy of the ID, a photo, and a recent criminal record.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a Lebanese girl and want to be the next Miss Lebanon then do not hesitate to send your application to the Tourism Ministry. The winner of Miss Lebanon will be given the opportunity to represent Lebanon in Miss Universe and Miss World pageant.