Sunday, December 5, 2010

Miss Asia 2010

If you are a pageant lover, there is one more beauty pageant not to be missed that held in China on 5th December 2010, 18 beauty girls from asia continent competing to win Miss Asia 2010.

Just to refresh your memory, The first and the only one Lebanese representative who participated in Miss Asia 2005 pageant is Gabrielle Bou Rached where she won the 4th place and also grabbed the Most Intelligent award, she was also rank 2 in the Etnic attraction award.

Back To Miss Asia 2010 Pageant - No Miss Philippines in the pageant
This year we wont see Miss Philippines in Miss Asia Pageant, because the organizer decided not to invite Philippines in order to avoid embarrassment of the Filipino representative. There is ill-feelings between Hong Kong and Philippines after 8 Hong Kong visitors were killed in Manila. A spokesperson for Miss Asia Pageant said she is worried about Filipino representative if she come to the pageant in Hong Kong. Another spokesperson explained that the decision not to invite Miss Philippines is not a discrimination to the Filipino representative but to avoid embarrassment.

Miss Asia 2010 result
After jury had a hard time deciding who deserve the crown, finally Wan Xin from China is crowned as Miss Asia 2010, 1st runner up goes to Vita tsybulska from Tajikistan and 2nd runner up goes to Liu Xiaozhi also from China (Lianing province). 


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