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Miss Lebanon 2010 Interview Laha Magazine

Miss Lebanon 2010 Rahaf Abdullah
I challenged myself and I won the title Kgele
July 28, 2010
Karen Eliane Daher

The question of crowning Rahaf Abdullah beauty queen on the throne of the Lebanese a dream for them, especially since it did not make for the contest only as a result of the insistence of parents, especially her brother who was confident of victory. I dreamed to be one of the ten priorities of girls in the competition and would win participation Jessica Gahwati, but won the title. In a domestic and grainy with Rahaf at her home in Beirut, in the presence of her family of father, mother, brother and sister, in addition to a sister who had married living in the United States, spoke spontaneously and openly about her experience and her life and not hide the fear from the experience of the election of Miss Universe, which participate where in the month of August next, they are not present yet and have been trying to absorb as it became Miss Lebanon.

- Do you plan to participate in the contest the election of Miss Lebanon long before?
Days did not plan to participate in the contest the election of Miss Lebanon, but this issue was just a joke to me. Were not the idea and I have never surfaced, but my brother continued to encourage me and support my family Dfani to participate eventually. I have also since I was younger, my friends at school was encouraging me to go to trial, but I consider it a joke.
- Do you feel when you applied to participate Stsalin to this stage?
When we heard the announcement on television, and greatly encouraged by my brother, made the request but I did not expect never accepted, as he assures me that. But on the day that I endured the experience of Alcastng, I felt that everything was to my advantage and seemed obvious interest in me. Has passed through several stages, and organizers expressed interest in me. In spite of that I was not present for the experience of a swimsuit, I found them determined to go to bring swimsuits and there was a willingness to wait for me until I get back. These indicators have shown me that the question of my acceptance is not impossible. I remember the night I was waiting for the call to confirm my acceptance, I could not sleep for the intensity of enthusiasm and I was very happy when they contact me.
- What was the reaction of your family when you are accepted?
They were happy too, but I was surprised by the cold reaction my mother assured me that it was expected that, which explains the reaction when I told her careless.
- Can you started Makers probability of winning and Ttawaijk Miss Lebanon?
I did not put the probability of winning at all in my mind, but I do not rule out the idea.
- If not Tvose you, win Posts Trjehin you?
You are most likely to win one of the participants said to be close to the concert, which is one of the organizers Jessica Gahwati. In essence, they expect to win all posts for this reason. But we say we will try our best to achieve a satisfactory result. My aim has been to reach the quarter-final stage when they were selecting 10 posts Connie take it this stage I would have been an honorable and proud of my investigation of this result, and did not let me down at all.
- Are you on a friendship with one of the posts?
Both girls have qualities close to me, but I was not friends with one of them in particular.
- How was Thouderkin of the competition, I asked you whether certain things?
The period of preparation is very difficult and when we were under great pressure and fatigue because we were obliged to prepare full from morning till evening, and can not practice our normal lives in this period. But matters took place in a natural way did not ask me something specific. But I played sports, as usual, because I feel it more comfortable for me.
- Did you previous experience in filming ads or clips before running this experiment?
Gave me a lot of offers to participate in advertisements for shampoo, and you find a determination, but I did not always refuse to participate in the filming days, ads or clips, and I'm far from these areas, especially since I've always serious and a bit shy.
- How and who I thought at the moment the result was announced on stage?
I did not think anything in those moments, my mind was turned off and my feelings mixed. Everyone was close to congratulate me but I did not know who congratulated me as if I were in a vacuum. Then very impressed when I saw my family was affected.
- There is no doubt that the level of beauty was better this year than in previous years, but the viewer feel that the posts have been left without cultural richness, especially Onken Tjbn no direct way to the questions and correct answers were required, but irrelevant.
To fear a significant impact on the shares. When I returned to my place after the answer to my question, I realized that I answered the question on an error on tourism, cosmetic and seemed ignorant of what I know the answer as well, in fact. But for the moment to ask the question did not hear a word I said tourism for cosmetic surgery. But I think I answered in an acceptable manner because I was carrying my answer is guaranteed, especially since I usually dwell in the commentary when I feel nervous. With regard to the common question, I was very tense, but do not know where I received strength and courage to answer this way self-confidently and fluently, and even humor.
- For as long as all the beauty of the girl singing the Lebanese, but today with widespread use of cosmetic surgery in Lebanon, has become the image of the processes attached. What do you think about this topic?
There is no doubt that we in Lebanon are heading for a true and natural beauty. So we find that adolescents want to emulate the particular personalities and Icbehn them and undergo cosmetic surgery at an early age, and this is unfortunate. As if beauty has become a swollen lips and nose small and swollen cheek, and the absence of such specifications is a fault. The further away a lot of natural beauty, It is unfortunate that you get when you over-age.
- Can not Tkhaddai any kind of cosmetic surgery when needed?
I've always harmonious with a very formal, face, and I know if I subjected to any change or correction not going to accept and will affect negatively on the self esteem. So do not think I have been subjected to days of plastic surgery.
- Are you committed to the interest in beauty, in your life normal?
Usually, I do not like to go out of my house but look decent. It is not necessary to put make-up, but be sure that I ordered even though I was without makeup.
- Do you have a specific diet to maintain your weight?
Connie I exercise, I became more anxious not eating certain foods may increase the muscles in the body, and this is not a nice girl. I also know that carbohydrates and sugars and fried foods may cause increase in weight and try not to over-addressed.
- Do you live a sport regularly?
I love exercise, especially exercise at the club.
- After becoming Miss Lebanon, what are your expectations for the Miss Universe Joining in tactile on 23 August next?
As I said earlier, I did not expect Fawzi in the Miss Lebanon and not Othoudr what comes after. I know that participation in the contest the election of Miss Universe requires a lot of preparation and the preparations the more difficult it is for me because I do not have a lot of the time of the election of Miss Lebanon and the date of my participation in the election contest Miss Universe. Othoudr not yet the subject and Safari like tourism.
- Has already won the Lebanese Rima Fakih was crowned Miss America, but more than this Hamacetk in the representation of Lebanon?
In fact, sent me a message Hnotni Rima Fakih and encouraged me and I told her I was and it is they who encouraged me more to participate and Zadtni self-confidence, especially as it traveled at a young age and have a lot of experience. Culture is characterized by large lots and take advantage of them, considering them as an example of me and I hope to be able to raise the name of Lebanon, as I did.
- After I obtained the title, what are your ambitions for the coming year?
I did not think yet what to do. I am still at the stage where I'm trying to absorb the responsibility entrusted to me.
- Most of the queens who they had experienced before thee on the throne of Lebanon, they own a lot of ambitions and soon they have figured out that things are the opposite of what should wish for may not be achieved all the goals Idanha for themselves, you put yourself specific goals to achieve ninety?
When we work hard in order to achieve our goals and we put all our energies into that and go in the right way, we can reach. I personally do not give up easily and when I want something I'm working hard to achieve, in my life normal. I think that this will be a positive in my career.
- No doubt because in this year, Stdatrin to do a lot of sacrifices at the expense of your own life, do you realize the size of these sacrifices and ready for her?
In relation to my studies I intend to follow-up after returning from the Miss Universe I started close to graduation.As for going out with friends and other things in my own life, it must be very careful in my movements being Miss Lebanon and I was out under the lights. I know that I have many commitments and must behave in a proper way according to the agreement signed.
- How can Thsni yourself as a girl for the Lebanese are facing a lot of temptation and you keep your position as queen of the beauty of Lebanon?
I will do something according to my personality and I will address the issues depending on the circumstances in order to maintain the status of Miss Lebanon, will not allow interference in the personal Amaury anything to do with one's own.
- I met Miss Lebanon 2009 Andrew Martin before the election, what to say to you?
I met Andrew Martin and delivered it and I asked her about her experience, especially as he was elected a little older, and she told me it was fantastic.
- What is the most Tfajrin it?
The fact that the Sunni did not exceed 22 years, I am proud that I challenged myself being shy by nature. I had this experience that were not easy and showed how it can beat the myself and realize my goal and become a beautiful way to represent my country.
- What do feel regret?
I do not regret anything, but I learn from all the trials ordered by whether successful or unsuccessful. I say to myself that I only aspire to enter the field of communications and television, but I did not succeed in because of my personality shy of Ordjatni back in many things. At the same time I'm not sad because I chose the field of business management, but I see it very appropriate to me as a girl.
- After the expiration of your term, it is natural to provide you with a lot of offers, both in representation or in the provision of programs or other, where you will find yourself more?
I might find myself more in the provision of television programs.
- What about Siiatk?
I often argue that I am proved right and this kind of intransigence. But I woke up to this and beat it.
- What are the main Favors?
I'm very spontaneous.
- What do you mean the crown?
Crown is a fantasy in the mind of every girl's dream from childhood that it is impossible to imagine her reach. But here is the dream become a reality for me.
- Where you find yourself in 10 years or more?
I imagine myself after 10 years, an independent woman I have a family and I own my own business. But may not be able to achieve this dream after 10 years, but may need more time.

Note: I use Google Translator to translate the page, source: Laha magazine


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