Sunday, November 21, 2010

Miss World 2010

Alexandria Mills,Miss US is the Miss World 2010 winner held in Sanya,China .Alexandria Mills is just 18 years old and passed her high school,she is from Louisville,USA.

Alexandria Mills became the first woman in US who won this title after long 20 years .In second position Emma Wareus of Botswana and in the third place secured by Adriana Vasini of Venezuela.She suprised the whole world after winning the title from 100 of contestants around the world.

It was a great moment for Alexandria Mills when the crown was passed down to her from Miss world 2009 ,Miss Gilbraltar Kaiane Aldorino.

representatives from the United States, Alexandria Mills eventually won the Miss World crown which previously adorned the head Kaiane Aldorino. How real figure this new Miss World? Maybe many people do not think that Alexandria Mills who was elected Miss World 2010, held at the Beauty Crown Theatre, Sanya, China. Because the owner of 175 cm body posture is still young and fresh out of high school or secondary school (high school).

But in fact, age does not preclude Alexandria became the most influential woman in Miss World and this time it entered the organization's 60th year.

In a special interview with Miss World Organization, Alexandria claimed to want to become a teacher. He also has a hobby of traveling, photography, and percussion. The motto of his life are the best things in life waiting, struggling to stay confident, and never let go of the opportunity.

In addition, Alexandria is also a story about him that always think positively liberal. "I've never met a stranger and happy to meet new people," he said, as reported by the official website of Miss World on Saturday (30/10/2010).

As is known, Alexandria Mills managed to beat two other candidates who came from Botswana and Venezuela during the peak night of the Miss World 2010. Alexandria has successfully made the judges of Miss World was amazed with the answers during the question and answer session Miss World. One of them, the answer to a beautiful woman 18 years old when elected to the seven great Miss World. He said, for a month following the Miss World event provides a positive impact in their lives and will be a great honor if you win.

Miss World 2010

Miss World 2010 Date October 30, 2010
Miss World 2010 Presenters Angela Chow, Steve Douglas
Miss World 2010 Entertainment Shayne Ward, Dave Koz, and Carlos Aponte
Miss World 2010 Venue Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, People's Republic of China
Miss World 2010 Broadcaster E!
Miss World 2010 Entrants 115
Miss World 2010 Placements 25
Miss World 2010 Withdraws Austria, Dominican Republic, Liberia, Slovenia, Swaziland
Miss World 2010 Returns Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Lesotho, Macau China, Malawi, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, United States Virgin Islands
Miss World 2010 Winner Alexandria Mills
Miss World 2010 Represented United States

Miss World 2010 Results

Final Result Contestant
Miss World 2010 United States - Alexandria Mills
Miss World 2010 1st Runner-up Botswana - Emma Wareus
Miss World 2010 2nd Runner-up Venezuela - Adriana Vasini
Miss World 2010 3rd Runner-up Ireland - Emma Britt Waldron
Miss World 2010 4th Runner-up China PR - Xiao Tang
Miss World 2010 5th Runner-up Norway - Mariann Birkedal
Miss World 2010 6th Runner-up Italy - Giada Pezzaioli
Miss World 2010 Top 25 Semifinalists
  • Bahamas - Braneka Bassett
  • Canada - Denise Garrido
  • Colombia - Laura Palacio
  • France - Virginie Dechenaud
  • French Polynesia - Mihilani Teixeira
  • Germany - Susanna Kobylinski
  • Kenya - Natasha Metto
  • Mongolia - Sarnai Amar
  • Namibia - Odile Gertze
  • Netherlands - Desirée van den Berg
  • Northern Ireland - Lori Moore
  • Paraguay - Egni Eckert
  • Puerto Rico - Yara Lasanta
  • Russia - Irina Sharipova
  • St. Lucia - Aiasha Gustave
  • Scotland - Nicola Mimnagh
  • South Africa - Nicole Flint
  • Thailand - Yuwaret Sirirat Rueangsri


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