Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lebanese Beauties

Beauty is like a national pride for Lebanese women. Maintaining beauty is as important as self care, if you dont  care about yourself then how would you care about other people.
But the meaning of beauty is not limited to physical appearance, because Lebanese women combines between inner and outside beauties. When we are speaking of physical appearance, Lebanese beauties physical appearance is not about make up or fashion but how do we manage our body to stay healthy and to look fresh all the time. It is very wrong to judge that Lebanese beauties is related to makeup and plastic surgeries. It is true that some people visits surgeon to improve their appearance but you cannot say it representing the whole society and country. Many Lebanese women prefer to looks natural without too much makeup and without surgery, they are beautiful and attractive but too bad that most of the media and foreigners only pointing at the women who has done plastic surgery. Lebanese women is not only known as beautiful women but they have brain, talent and great personality.


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