Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cyrine Abdel Nour

Cyrine Abdelnour's Biography:

--> Cyrine was born in (Abediye) Lebanon on the 21rst of February,her sign is Pisces.

--> She studied at saint Couer School in dawra and then took a fashion designs courses.

--> At the end of November 1993 she started her modeling career and her first model show was in gallery in futuroscop for christmas the show was made befor 1 month from christmas and then she modeled for:
Zuhir mrad, abd mahfoz, Renato balestra..

--> The first publicity for TV was “Lenore” for Saudi Arabia (Like powder wash)...

--> In 1998 she started appearing on LBC & MTV:

-sma3 ksha3 (1998)
-se7a sa7ten tlete (1999)
-Ghadan yawmon akhar (2000)
-Darb khwat (2003)
-Mariana (2003)

--> In 2002 Cyrine was elected model of the world 2002...the competition was made at Regency Palace Hotel on the 28th of September 2002...
--> In 2003 Cyrine took the main role for the series " Ibnati"then took the murex d'or award as best Lebanese actress for her acting at "ibnati "Series ..

-->In 2004 Cyrine took the main role for the series "ghariba"and sang the song of the generic "Sodfi ana"then took the murex d'or award as best Lebanese actress for her acting in "Ghariba"Series...

--> Then she started her singing career in 2004 and made her first album under the title of “lela mn el layali" which contain 8 songs she shot from the album 2 clips: lela mn layali and erga3 tane under the direction of the director “Caroline labake...

--> Plus she shot” Sodfi ana” clip under her own production as a gift for her fans directed by: Jinan mandor.

--> Then in 2006 she released her second album "3alek 3yone"which contains 8 songs and shot from the album 2 clips: law bas f 3ene and 3alek 3yone directed by:Emile Sleilaty

--> In 2006 Cyrine took the main role in the series “Sajina"and sang the song of the generic" Sajina"

--> In 2007 Cyrine acted in the series “7awa2 fee l tari5"and took the role of “Shahrazad

--> Cyrine and Farid rahme married on sunday the 8th of july 2007 at 7:00 P.M

-->At the end of December 2008 Cyrine released her third album “lyali l7ob” that contains 8 songs Cyrine & shot a video clip “3omri ma3ak” directe by: “ Randa l 3alam”

--> In 2008 Cyrine acted in the film” Ramadan mabrok abo l 3alamen 7amoda”with Muhammad hinidi and sang 2 songs " ele malakshe fe"& "bl logha l 3arabeya l fos7a".
And “Dokhan bala nar “with Khalid el nabawe
& in “Al Mosafer” movie with Omar el sheref.

-->In 2009 she acted in “Al Adham “Series With ahmad 3ez .
--> In 2009/2010 she acted in "Sara"Series with yosif l 5al and sang the song of the generic with yosif.

we also mention that Cyrine won a lot of awards from several places like:
Al fanana al shamila From AL jomhoreya w 7oreyati magazine..

Best actress and singer from Art channel ( Art Oscar).
Best Song movie " bl logha l 3arabeya l fos7a) From middle east music award (MIMA award)..

best actress from LAU university (student choice) 2009..
Best singel song " 3omri ma3ak" ( Art Oscar)
best Actress & Star of the facebook ( Student choice)2010..


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