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Dominique Hourani Biography

Dominique Hourani Biography from
Dominique Youssef Hourani (born August 7, 1985), also known as Dominique, is a Lebanese singer, actress, model and designer. Daughter of the Lebanese historian Dr. Youssef Hourani and the Arab World's sexiest and most successful singer.

Childhood and studies

 Dominique, who is originally from Yaroun in South Lebanon, grew up in Beirut. She loved fashion, magazines and billboards, and throughout her childhood she always had a dream of being on the covers of magazines and billboards.
Being the daughter of a prominent and well known archeologist, Dr. Youssef Hourani, who wrote more than 20 books and have many approved discoveries in his name in archeology and history of the Middle East. Dominique continued her higher studies along with her career has an MBA degree in business administration from the Lebanese American university along with two other degrees in psychology and accounting.

In November 2007 she married Austrian naturalized Iranian businessman Ali Reza Almassi. Wearing a white wedding dress designed by Christian Dior o n 11/11/2007 at 11:11am in the city of Vienna, the farfoura of Lebanon, Dominique Hourani married to a prominent European Bussiness man.The couple had a small but classy ceremony with their parents and very close relatives and friends. This is because Dominique knew that she could have a lavish one, but because of all the poor in the world and people who can't even afford to do a small wedding, Dominique kept her wedding simple and classy. Dominique is currently spending her honey moon in several European nations. After her honey moon, Dominique will return to Lebanon to release her much anticipated second album
In 2009 it was widely reported that Hourani despite having a secular husband show determination to share the same faith of her husband that she travelled with him to Iran to convert to Shia Islam and believed it will bring her closer to her husband and daughter
In 2010 she is rumoured to split from her husband.

Her sexy look and amazing height made her succeed over 80 countries and get the Miss Intercontinental 2003 title for her country Lebanon. The event that was held in Berlin, Germany.
And in few years, Dominiqu became the Arab world’s first super model, working for top designers like Dior, Valentino, Versace, and many more in Milan and Paris.
After spending about 2 and a half years working as a model in Europe’s fashion capitals, Dominique returned to Lebanon after she determined that she should have her voice heard among the Arab world.

Dominique first appeared on the hit television series, "Oyoun Kha'ena" (The Eyes of the Deceiver), alongside famous TV presenter, Tony Khalifa. The series that was broadcasted on Lebanon and Middle East no. 1 TV station LBC was a big hit with high ratings, and helped Dominique establish herself as an actress.
In the year 2009, Dominique decided to go with her first movie "El Beeh Romancy" along with Mohamed Adel Emam, Hasan Housni, Lebleba, Mena Arafa and Saad El Soghaier. The romantic-comedy movie gave Dominique a wide success in Egypt and the Arab World.

In August of 2005, Dominique toke the Arabic music world by storm by filming her first clip for the song "Farfoura". The clip was considered controversial by the Arabic world, but that did not stop it from reaching number one on the charts. "Farfoura" also gave Dominique her nickname, "Farfoura" which means butterfly in the Lebanese dialect.
After "Farfoura" Dominique released her first album "Etriss" with the the top hits "Ganeni", "Wawa Ah", "Etriss", "Aiwa Di Ana", "Garrab". With her extreme and fast success that her singles were able to achieve, her debut album "Atriss" went to number one and stayed there for weeks, selling millions all over the Middle East.
And with her hit song "Khachouka", Dominique traveled to America held the Arab American Festival concert with more than 100,000 people attending.
Dominique's second album in 2008 "Kermalik Ya Dominique" was ranked at the top of sales in Arab World. The album had 11 songs "Batal Harakatak", "Zah Dah Ambou", "Shaltako", "Jarrab", "Arrab Men Albi", "El Hob Mou Bel Ghasb", "Bouria", "Khachouka", "Ya Dalaadi", "Kermalik Ya Dominique" and the part two of the hit song "Etriss".
In 2010 Dominique and Ali El Dik had their first duet song "Natoor" another hit song that stayed for more than 6 months at the top of the charts on radios and websites in various countries. Being a most wanted song especially in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, Dominique and Ali made had a big summer tour achieving a huge success, Dominique was listed the second by the number of summer concerts in the Arab world.


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