Thursday, March 25, 2010

Miss Emigrant

Miss Emigrant Pageant

Miss Emigrant 2009
Miss Emigrant 2009 Sara Mansour

1st Runner Up Lea Jalloul
2nd Runner up Elham el Bittar

Miss Emigrant 2008
 Carina El Kaddissi

1st Runner up
  Jessica Kahawaty
(note: Miss Jessica Kahawaty was Lebanese representative for Miss International 2009 (top 12), she also participated Miss Lebanon 2010 and won the 4th place) Mabrook're Lebanese Pride!

2nd runner up
 Rima Fakih
(note: Miss Rima Fakih in the year 2010 won Miss Usa 2010 and will compete at Miss Universe 2010) Mabrook're Lebanese Pride!


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