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Elissar Zakaria Khoury (Arabic: إليسار زكريا خوري‎) (born October 27, 1972 in Deir el Ahmar, Lebanon), known as Elissa (Arabic: إليسا‎) is a Lebanese singer with multiple Arabic and International awards. She is one of the most well-known female singers in the Arab world and considered as one of the best selling female artists in the Middle East.
Famous for her passionate style of music, Elissa is often referred to as the "Queen Of Romance" and "Queen Of Feelings".

Born to a Lebanese father (Zakaria Khoury) and a Syrian mother (Youmna Saud), Elissa was raised in the The Bekaa valley in Lebanon. She earned a degree in Political Science from the Lebanese University. She is a Maronite Catholic. Elissa's father, Zakaria Khoury, who studied and taught Arabic literature, died of cancer in 2004. She has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Her brother Kamel Khoury is a DJ. Her sister Norma is married and lives in Canada, her two other brothers are Ghassan and Jehad.

Elissa's Famous Quotes
Thanks to all those who challenged and criticized me, I've learned that hard work eventually leads to success - Elissa, from her message to her fans in Tsadaq Bmein album cover (2009)

In late 2009, Elissa had faced some rumors about her being engaged to the young Egyptian artist Muhammad Rahim. Both Elissa and Muhammad Rahim have denied the news. Elissa stated that she only saw Muhammad Rahim twice and both were business meetings.



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