Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Miss Lebanon World 2009

Name :  Martine ANDRAOS
Age :  19
Height :  170
Languages :  Arabic, French & English
Martine is in her second year of studying business and accounting at university. Her ambition is to run her own jewellery label. Hobbies include playing piano, guitar, and oriental dance. She enjoys sports especially tennis and badminton. Her favourite food is tabbouleh. Martine’s motto is “Happiness in moderation”.
Tell us about your job/studies
As a 19 years old Business Administration junior student, I have not had enough time to accomplish as much as I hope to. The choice I made for my college studies was based on my ambitions of owning my personal-label jewelry company. Besides my college studies, I am interested in all kinds of social work. I haven’t had any paid job other than my post in the Model United Nations Global-Classrooms program secretariat as school relation coordinator and project manager. Overtime I developed a certain kind of wisdom that helped me through many of the challenges in life and work. I learned to plan and to use a certain amount of discipline to carry through my plans. I learned to manage myself. That’s one of the basic principles for my future profession. I aim to become a respectable stateswoman who uses her nationalism to promote peace and reconstruction in the world.
How are you preparing for Miss World in South Africa?
The time was very short between Miss Lebanon and the international contest. While I am filling up my duties as Miss Lebanon, I am also working hard to prepare an honorable portfolio of all the charity works I have been doing. In addition, I am trying to keep a healthy shape; I am practicing my catwalks, working with the designer and the jeweler to prepare my wardrobe and accessories for the contests. I am also learning how to wear my makeup and fix my hair, and how to apply etiquette and manners, and of course attending dance classes for my talent show.
What's your daily routine?
Everyday is different from the other. New meetings, openings invitations, important events with several ministries, charity work, visiting cancer and handicap children centers, visiting schools and meeting with university deans to work with the students mainly on my project “Water conservation and usage in Lebanon” and on other programs that deal with ecological issues. I always have some “must to do” on my schedule like Sunday morning attending the mess and spending enough time with my family. Finally, as a student, I attend class during weekdays and exercise and hang out with friends.
How do you feel about travelling to South Africa?
It’s a mix of excitement and duty. First, I am really excited and looking forward to participate in this international contest where at least I can learn and enjoy a wonderful and outstanding learning experience. I am also so excited to discover the nature’s beauty of that country and learn about the African nation, their historical and political events and, of course, making new friends. But there’s the responsibility that comes with being a representative of your country. Lebanese people have put hope in me and I have the duty to represent them in the best way to meet their expectations.
Which elements of Miss World are you most looking forward to?
As a matter of fact, “Beauty with a purpose” has lots of important meanings and commitments in it and I would like to have a hand in those commitments and make of the world a better place.
Do you have a message to the other Miss World contestants?
I have a simple message: let’s all enjoy the wonderful experience of Miss World and compete in a very decent way, and of course: “May the one who deserves it win”.
What do you think are you qualities that youwill bring to the competition?
In my life I have had many experiences that built up my leadership skills and made me become diplomatic, self confident, and determined to make of myself a successful woman in a diverse world. I am energetic and have big interest in social and environmental work. As a young girl, I was a member of a church group in my hometown. I was taught the values of the Christian religion: love, forgiveness, and tolerance. . Best of all, the experience I have had, being a member of the Secretariat of The Model United Nations LEBANON as project manager and school relation coordinator, helped me to become more organized, to know how to work with people from different backgrounds and most importantly , to learn about conflict resolution. In addition, it appears that the factor that sets me apart is my natural beauty. Unlike other woman I don’t take any dramatic steps to change my physical appearance. A Miss Lebanon said he echoes others when he described my “pure natural beauty” as my winning asset.
What individual talents will seperate you from the other contestants?
With every single women coming from a different part of the world, there is no doubt that each one carrys her own unique qualities. Other than my talent in oriental dance, Music and photography are my main interests. But for the past few years, my interests were more academic and social, resulting in less time for me to practice my hobbies. On the other hand, besides my great determination to make the world a better place, I have come to realize that giving is more satisfying than receiving. My volunteering in my community and church and working with needy people and in programs that help save the environment have been very enriching. Also, at school I was elected for several years the delegate who represents the class at the student government for having leadership, negotiation skills and perseverance.
What would it mean to you to do well at Miss World?
At the world and international level, it is an engagement and commitment to do what I am required to accomplish and try to conceive and create ideas and events that could help me attain and perform my mission to the best, and above all, be able to keep the image of the title and symbol of “Miss World” the highest possible. On the national level, this year 2009 has brought many positive changes to Lebanon, and I can’t but go to Miss World wishing to bring home the crown and add more hope to the Lebanese people. On the personal level, I hold many dreams for a better world, a strong will to make a difference, and a lot of love to share along the way. I understand the responsibilities that come with the crown and will work hard to fulfill my duty graciously and professionally.
What is the one thing you cannot live without?
FAITH is the one thing I cannot live without. Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Tolerance and many other come out of FAITH.
Who do you most admire?
I have long admired anyone who makes a difference for positive change in another’s life. I admire Oprah Winfrey because she shares many of my qualities. Over the years Oprah has touched so many lives. She has given a lot to charities and opened a school in Africa for those who are less fortunate. Making a positive difference in someone’s life is my passion.
Who has inspired you most in your life?
My parents have inspired me most in my life. At the age of fifteen, I sat with my two sisters and brothers watching my father, who is a university instructor, on the stage applauding my mother as she graduated with a master degree in Business Administration. She addressed the audience as the Valedictorian of her class. Later on, I know that, as role models, my parents had prepared me for a life of defining and utilizing my potential.
What is your favourite landmark?
St Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey. Not only it is an impressive and historical cathedral, It carries in it lots of religious and political meanings and messages.( courtesy: the official MissWorld Organization website)


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